Care for your Canvas Awnings with 5 Tips

Care for your Canvas Awnings with 5 Tips

5 Tips to care for your Canvas Awnings

Defab experts teach you the best practices with these 5 quick tips to ensure long lasting canvas.

To help maximise the durability and life of your defab® Canvas, please follow the following instructions thoroughly – this will allow you to enjoy many years of excellent service and satisfaction from your defab® canvas.

• Prior to using your defab® canvas we recommend that you thoroughly wet your canvas with a domestic hose and let it dry fully in the sun. This is necessary to allow the fabric to settle after transport and packaging. Failure to do this may cause leakage in initial exposure to rain.

• Store, pack or roll up only when clean and dry.
• To remove dirt, brush dry fabric with soft brush. (An occasional hosing may remove dust and some ingrained dirt)
• Refrain from scrubbing the fabric or using petrol/oil.
• Immediately remove deposits of organic matter (such as soil, grass cuttings, leaf litter, bird droppings, vehicle exhaust, pollutants, etc)
• Remove any mildew, as it appears, first by brushing, then by treating with diluted chlorine bleach (typically 1 part White King to 4 parts water to achieve 1% available chlorine). Allow to dry in full sun, then hose well to remove any residue.
• Do not use substances such as ‘pool chlorine’, soaps, detergents, solvents, or other liquid cleaners.

Exposure to the elements and excessive cleaning may affect the water proofness and appearance of the canvas. Additional proofing may help re-invigorate the canvas.

Fluoro-chemicals may be used on all defab® fabrics however only reproof® by defab® is recommended to be used on defab® canvas.


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