Care for your Canvas Awnings with 5 Tips

Are Awnings Old and Dated: Fact or Fiction?

Are Awnings Old and Dated: Fact or Fiction?

Awnings have evolved greatly since the 19th century. However most of our mental images when thinking of them now relate back to their first versions.

Awnings are great for practical sun protection but they are also a perfect way to impress your friends and family. Beautiful colors, stripes and textures are available in our ranges to ensure design cohesion.

The best part is that awnings can be made from a number of different fabrics! This ensures that you find your perfect fit! For example they can be made from canvas, acrylic and even be motorized to name a few variations!

Our own Somerton Canvas & Somerton Acrylic offer various colors perfect for a range of applications from gardens to poolsides. The possibilities are endless as more awning styles are being discovered as decorators continue to push the boundaries of design.

Somerton Canvas is salt water, mould, algae chalking, fade and tear resistant. If that wasn’t enough our colors are inspired by Color Bond. Your home is sure to stand out with colors that are long lasting and work together beautifully. Built for local conditions perfect for the Aussie summer!

Somerton Acrylic has exceptional brightness shown through each colour. It is also water repellent, breathable and has a 50+ UV resistance. It is also stain, abrasion, mould and algae resistant. Imported from Italy this stunning fabric is solution dyed AND domestic energy saving!

Both of these fabrics are easy to maintain and have 5 and 10 year guarantees (respectively).

After all of this we challenge you to look over our Awning ranges and tell us. Are Awnings Old and Dated: Fact or Fiction?

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