Mesh Blinds & Working with Your Décor

Mesh Blinds & Working with Your Décor

Mesh Blinds & Working with Your Décor

Solashadow D-View is a contemporary and versatile range of internal mesh fabrics with a colour to fit every room! This fabric not only looks great and subtle in any room but also provides UV protection from the sun’s harmful effects. You can also choose a 5% or 10% openness factor. Decide how much privacy you would like from the outside world!

The 9 colours offered in this range are all breathable, fade resistant and easy to maintain. Not only this but this fire retardant fabric also boast an environmentally friendly standard!

This indoor mesh fabric is perfect for applications such as Interior Blinds, Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Roman Blinds and also Panel Glides.

With drop down blinds, designers are now moving towards layering. This allows for the practicality of privacy as well as the appeal of drapes and sheer curtains which add to any living space. On the other hand, some are more interested in a straight and clean finish. They opt to layer their mesh blind with another of a different colour or openness factor. For example a white or cream may be more suitable during hot days and a charcoal or black may be better used at night.

The simplicity of these blinds also allow for cohesion with not only various furniture and plants but also accompanying artworks, sculptures and décor.

With a 5 year guarantee, 9 colours (and a new one on the way) how can you go wrong?

  • 5% Openness available in 250cm and 300cm width
  • 10% Openness available in 300cm width

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