Camping is moving to Canvas - And Loving It!

Camping is moving to Canvas – And Loving It!

Camping is moving to Canvas – And Loving It!

Camping tents are widely known to be made of nylon but is this really the best way to go? We’re here to tell you why Canvas reigns supreme over other camping and tenting materials!

Defab has worked tirelessly over the years to provide multiple canvas ranges to assist in making your camping experience one to remember. This is why our products have been constructed specially to withstand the conditions of the Aussie outback.

A benefit when using canvas is its ability to stay cool instead of absorbing the harsh sun’s heat like nylon structures do. However, perhaps the most important feature is the canvas ability to resist the growth of mould & algae.

Alongside tenting fabrics such as Supaproof we also have our fellow caravaners and explorers covered with Campefield and RX12.

Camperfield offers a range of 25 canvas stripes perfect for Caravan Awnings and Annexe Walls whilst RX12 is suitable for your camping accessories such as swags, seat covers, cushions and trailer covers. Explore our Outdoor Ranges for more information.

Camperfield is strong yet light and supple enough to fit an array of wet weather scenarios. Further, it is capable of handling the roughest and toughest a sunburnt country has to offer. Camperfield® is 100% blockout from the suns harmful UV rays, UV resistant, highly rot, mould, mildew and water resistant, available in either 220cm or 245cm width and available in grey backing.

To recap canvas:

  • Is more durable than traditional nylon fabrics.
  • Is easily repaired where as nylon cannot be.
  • Does not transfer heat as quickly as nylon fabrics.


That’s why Camping is moving to Canvas – And Loving It!


Get in contact with Defab via email or phone to request samples or place orders.


P: (03) 9305 3988


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