Our Customer's Creations

Our Customer Creations!

Our Customer Creations!

Throughout the years our customers have returned to show us  their amazing products made using our own fabrics! We feel so lucky to be able to keep this contact and see these amazing designs!

To name a few, we have seen Caravan Walls & Annexes, Awnings, Horse Rugs, Bags, Hats and much more!

Here’s what one customer has had to say:

Thank you for your great product. It means a lot to my customers to know they can still buy products with top notch quality Australian materials in them. Thank you also for the brilliant customer service you have provided to me over the years. It’s always a pleasure to deal with you guys” – Tom Farrah of Farrah Design

Like we mentioned above, we absolutely love seeing what is produced from our fabrics, so be sure to send in photos of your own designs!

Check out our Product Ranges through the links below:

Outdoor: Camperfield, Duratuff, RX12, Supaproof, Tearlok, Duracoat

Sun Protection: Solashadow D-View, Somerton Canvas, Somerton Acrylic, Somerton View

Apparel: School and Work Uniforms

We take such pride in seeing our Customer Creations and can’t wait to see what else can be made from our fabrics from clothing to products and covers.

Get in contact with Defab via email or phone to request samples or place orders.

E: canvas@defab.com.au

P: (03) 9305 3988


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