When Buying PVC Patio Blinds consider these 5 Things

When Buying Clear PVC Blinds: Consider these 3 Things

When Buying Clear PVC Blinds: Consider these 3 Things


Aesthetic Value: Clear PVC vs Mesh

Cristal Trio Clear PVC is a solid surface with 99% UV Blockout. This feature allows you to be protected from the harsh elements. Clear PVC also allows you to enjoy the view of your outdoor space or watch the kids play in the yard! Best of all: Cristal Trio is SHRINK PROOF!

Alternatively if you would like more privacy, you may be more suited to an outdoor mesh fabric such as Somerton View. This fabric comes in two factors of openness: 95% and 99% Blockout. There are also a range of colours to choose from which you could use to enhance the design of your space!


Layering & Budgeting

In general, clear PVC fabrics tend to be more expensive than mesh, however fabrics such as Cristal Trio are a one and done fabric. This means that no layering or further decorating needs to accompany the blind.

In comparison, mesh can be styled with multiple layers of Blockout fabrics or with sheer curtains for those who like to get fancy. This is where you should study your outdoor space and visualize your ideal area.


Purchase & Install

Once you have decided which fabric you will be using, consider enlisting professionals to do the installation work for you. This will ensure that everything is done properly, no fabric is wasted on mistakes and your time is saved! This will also ensure that you won’t have any problems down the track.


We hope you have taken some worthwhile tips from our post: When Buying Clear PVC Blinds: Consider these 3 Things


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