Why Choose Acrylic?

Why Choose Acrylic?

Why Choose Acrylic?

Before we tell you why you should choose Acrylic canvas for your next outdoor project, let us first explain what Acrylic really is.

Acrylic fabric is constructed out of (acrylic) resin and textile fibers. The Acrylic penetrates these fibers which makes them water resistant and weatherproof. This process also enhances durability. It also makes this fabric perfect for your outdoor furniture and awnings.

This modern fabric makes awnings lightweight and adds the benefit of an easy to maintain process (stain resistant) and makes it resistant to the growth of mould and algae. Not only this but they’re also easy on the eyes, offering exceptional brightness of colour.

Due to the flexibility of the Acrylic fabric, it is also suitable to be used for a various number of applications such as: Exterior Awnings, Exterior Blinds, Retractable Folding Arm Awnings, Drop Awnings and Sun Blinds, Umbrellas, Outdoor Cushions and Furniture. Perfect for the pool side during the hotter months of the year!

Not only does Somerton Acrylic  also adds to the style of your home! Check out the Somerton Acrylic page on the Defab website for a list of the stunning bright and long lasting colours and stripes we offer.

Best of all, if the fabric gets wet after a pool day, nothing needs to be done! Simply allow to dry! However we do recommend that awnings dry before retracting.


Get in contact with Defab via email or phone to request samples or place orders.

E: canvas@defab.com.au

P: (03) 9305 3988



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